1959 Goliath Express 1100

This is one of those rare car classifieds where the seller offers some context to flesh out the full story of the vehicle. The seller of this Goliath says it made the car blog rounds before they bought it this summer. They say it was advertised as a "museum quality" and in running condition, but it was actually much different.

Fortunately the seller had enough admiration for the vehicle that they devoted themselves to getting it running again. They say it now runs well and is up for grabs again.

Goliath was part of the larger Borgward German automaker group before both folded in 1961. They specialized in small three-wheel trucks, but also made passenger cars and larger trucks. The 1100 was intended to distinguish them from their smaller trucks, and was later sold under the name Hansa.

Underneath the charming red paint and wood bed is a flat four-cylinder four-stroke water-cooled engine powering the front-wheels. The rear-axle is solid drop-forged 1-ton steel, and it features low gears for hauling heavy freight.

Cosmetically, the seller does say it needs TLC, although with no major visible flaws the existing patina could pass. Mechanically, they cleaned the carburetors, added brake fluid, reseated valve covers, gaskets and seals and rebuilt the fuel tank. They say they got help and support from Goliath fans along the way.

The seller estimates this is just 1 of 3 Goliath trucks in North America.

If you saw this before and wanted it, here's another chance to have it better sorted.

Available here on ebay in Salt Lake City, Utah with a Buy-It-Now of $15,000 and the Make Offer option.

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