1986 UMM Alter 2

Umm...what is this? It's an UMM. Get it? Sorry.

Here's another gem from the infamous Euro Car Garage. You just don't see this everyday. It's a Portuguese off-road vehicle. I didn't even know Portugal had an auto industry, but I'm glad to see they made their contribution to the European 4x4 movement. Pinzgauer, G-Wagen...UMM.

UMM stands for União Metalo-Mecânica. They started making trucks in 1979 until the late 90s, and featured a couples models. The Alter is perhaps the most well-known, as it also served as the Popemobile for John Paul II.

The seller is typically scant on details, but do mention it has only 19,342 miles on the odometer and a 2.0-liter Peugeot engine under the hood. Inside, a Peugeot steering wheel confirms the "french connection". For a car with supposedly such low miles, though, the interior does seem to show a lot of wear, especially in the footwell.

The body seems to be a two-door extended back, so there is room for friends.

The "Alter" model seems to have been produced from the company's inception to around 1996, and had two versions. It is estimated only around 10,000 were made. Styling is very German and looks half Galendenwagen, half Unimog. It works though, and looks good in black, almost like a armored bank truck or something. This is one of the few vehicles where tinted windows and a good detailing in and out will go a long way. Unfortunately, the seller does not disclose the mechanical condition.

This time, the photos Euro Car uses do not show the vehicle with European plates, and a Ford F-150 pickup can be seen in the background of one photo. Is this in the United States? You can bet it's the only one here, and would be a head-scratch er at the local Euro or 4x4 show.

Available here in Plaistow, New Hampshire for $6,995.

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  1. Anyone know the owner of this vehicle or how to contact him please forward info to artmand81@aol.com