1995 Land Rover Range Rover LWB Convertible

There's something really charming about this, despite how impractical it is.

The Range Rover Classic was produced from 1970-1996 and is one of the first luxury sport utility vehicles. Only the British could fuse two seemingly disparate worlds - utility and luxury - together so well. It has been imitated and copied so many times since then it's almost impossible keep track. And until the last couple years, these types of vehicles were very popular in the U.S.

Shortly before his death in 2010, the original designer, Spen King, remarked with disgust how Range Rover had ended up becoming a status symbol, which it was never intended to be. But classic car fans appreciate the bare bones intentions of the original. Regardless, it's a classic vehicle, and a classic SUV.

The seller of this example states it is 1 of 3 "made in the universe". Yes, I would assume some alien civilization halfway across the Milkyway isn't producing Range Rover out there. They provide no source for the low quantity, although they do mention they owned 2 of the 3. Since a factory convertible was never produced to my knowledge, anyone can have a custom conversion done, so I'm not sure if I believe there are just 3. That said, there sure can't be many.

The conversion isn't half bad. All of the pillars except for the rear most two are left intact. I think some sort of rollbar or frame for the rear would fill out the profile a little better, especially from the side. I don't see any softtop folded, and sure enough the seller says a brand new top is "being made as we speak".

The seller lists the odometer as reading 194k miles but says it drives great, the air conditioning blows cold and everything works, a minor blessing on a Range Rover, which are not known for reliability, like a lot of British cars, unfortunately.

Let's face it, this won't be used for photographing the safari, or to deliver first aid to an impoverished third world country. So if you need something big, bulky, unreliable, gas guzzling yet admittedly very unique for your summer ride, here it is.

Available here on ebay in Brooklyn, New York with a Buy-It-Now of $12,900 and the Make Offer option.

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