1998 Jeep Cherokee 2-Door 5-Speed 4x4

This a neat solution for someone looking for an SUV but doesn't want anything too hideous, flashy, gas guzzling or uncool (as so many of them are).

The Cherokee was Jeep's standard issue four-door off-road vehicle that complemented the larger Grand Wagoneer starting in 1984. It continued largely unchanged until 2001, and was a high benchmark in the development of civilian-friendly off-road vehicles for everyday use as well. The monocoque body ensured great structural rigidity and composure for navigating even the roughest of terrain.

This is a later 1997+ facelift. The front nose and rear-taillights were re-designed, among dozens of other small touches. The unibody frame was also stiffined to reduce road and wind noise and improve refinement.

Styling is unusually good. Jeep has a lot of simple cues from their heritage to work with, like the vertical slotted grille and simple, boxy profile. The rest just falls into place. It's every bit as handsome and iconic as a Land Rover, Galendenwagen, or FJ Cruiser. In the same way the Germans mastered the look and feel of mid-size sedans, American automakers aced the construction and aethetics of the full-size SUV. Not the greatest feat, but a noteworthy one nonetheless.

This one stands out from the thousands of other Cherokee still on the road because it's the lesser seen 2-door variant. It has one bench seat behind the front seats, then a spacious cargo area. The lack of rear doors stiffens the body and will no doubt help make this feel even more solid on and off-road. The side profile is even simpler and more classic looking.

Inside, accommodations are sparse but clean and simple. The post-'97 update yielded some new buttons and a new steering wheel. The seats are grey cloth and contrast well with the deep metallic purple exterior.

Under the hood is Jeep's workhorse 2.5-lite four cylinder engine producing 125 horsepower turning all four wheels. That's not a lot of power, but it will mean more efficiency. It's mated to a rare 5-speed manual transmission.

The Cherokee isn't rare, but this combination is. This one looks clean and well-kept too, with just 101,581 on the clock. The seller says it's free of major defects. It could be ready to go, in any type of weather and road condition, for another 100k miles.

Available here on ebay in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a $7,450 Buy-It-Now and the Make Offer option.

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