Flying Brick: 1988 BMW K75C

Motorcycles are some of the fastest and most fuel efficient ways to get around, but they aren't practical in colder climates like here in New England. I still envy places where they make more sense. A friend of mine once described the sensation of riding a motorcycle as being unlike anything else, not a car or a bicycle. He was especially fond of BMW motorcycles and their construction.

The K-Series was launched in 1983 to great enthusiasm for a new generation of water-cooled four-cylinder BMW motorcycles, and used the line to launch a bunch of new technology, like anti-lock braking, electronic cruise control, and electronic suspension adjustment.

In 1985 they launched the K75, which was the entry-level motorcycle with only three cylinders. The engine was positioned longitudinally for greater center of gravity and an appearance which lending it the nickname "Flying Brick".

This is the "C" model, which has some slight differences like a unique handlebar-mounded cockpit fairing.

I love the styling of these. BMW made a truly modern motorcycle, landing smack in the middle of the Americans and Japanese offerings, with the simplicity of Harley Davidson and the technology of Kawasaki, but looking way cooler than both of them. This example looks particularly clean and crisp in white.

The seller says it has a healthy 70k miles on the odometer, which is a lot for a motorcycle, but has to indicate it was simultaneously taken care of to keep going that much. The seller says it is in good mechanical shape and purchased another K-series so they no longer need this one.

This could easily be someone's commuter to and from work on bright, sunny, cloudless days.

Available here on craigslist in Daphne, Alabama for $2,500.

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