JDM Project: 1993 Honda Acty Pickup 4WD

I love Japanese domestic market vehicles. They offer all sorts of practicalities American and European manufacturers just won't touch. This is a miniature pickup truck. How many times has that enormous Ford F-150 blocked your view of traffic before it rudely cut you off? It makes you wonder if they are really necessary. And I'm sure they are, but I can't help but wonder if American pickup buyers wouldn't mind trying out something as compact as this Honda Acty. They like thrift just as much as the next guy.

Honda has been making variations of the Acty non-stop since 1977. This is a later and more modernized 2nd generation version from 1993.

The engine, rather amazingly, is a tiny 660cc straight 3-cylinder SOHC unit positioned in the rear and can be accessed via a removable porthole on the floor of the bed. This enabled the cabin to the spacious and the front to be short and gives the Acty its ultra-compact dimensions and quirky look.

This example features four-wheel drive for extra traction, and a 5-speed manual transmission.

Unfortunately this example has seen better days. It has visible wear, tear and scuffs. Mechanically, the seller states the timing belt broke, some valves are bent and the head gasket is off. This will need a lot of work to get running again, but it's definitely worth it. Not many are here, and this is otherwise a solid and reliable little cargo hauler that could be good for many more miles. I'd haggle the price way down, fix the engine, then give her a fresh repaint in appliance white.

Available here on craigslist in Tampa Bay, Florida for $1,450.

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