Matching Numbers 1959 Jaguar Mark IX

The first time I saw this listing, the seller had a post script that said the vehicle could be the same exact Jaguar driven by Kim Novak in Vertigo. My attention immediately piqued so I did some research and sure enough there was a similar car in the film. Hitchcock's movies are already A-list, and the cars that appeared in them (remember the Aston Martin from The Birds?) are iconic to say the least. I was ready to post it when poof - the listing disppeared.

Then I was reading Old Parked Cars this morning and I came across their in-person encounter of this car, along with a link to a new ebay listing. Thanks guys!

Only 10,009 produced Mark IX were produced from 1959-1961. These come from a long line of beautiful Jaguar cars, and was one of the last of its shape before it was replaced by the wider, lower and more modern Mark X. They were available in one or two-tone colors. This one is pitch-perfect in dark green/light moss green over grey leather interior.

These were powered by just one engine: a large 3781cc inline 6-cylinder that pumped out a very respectable 220 horsepower to the rear wheels. It came to an equally forceful stop thanks to four-wheel disc brakes.

Older Jaguar sedans run the gamut in price and condition. They aren't as desirable and worth nearly as much as they coupes and convertibles, but they are just as pretty and intriguing to look at. This is undoubtedly the high point of the British auto industry, before the successes of the Germans and Japanese in the 70s and 80s.

The seller of this example states it is a matching numbers older restoration with a complete engine, transmission, body and interior. They note the paint is likely not new, but the job was done well and still looks presentable.

Mechanically, they say it had problem with the starter, but was garaged while sitting. The seller says they did get it running, so it could be an easy fix.

Available here on ebay with 16 bids at $4,156 and a Buy-It-Now of $6,300. Hemmings CPI value guide puts a 1959-61 MK IX in fair shape at $7,550 and good at $13,500, with a 4% increase over time, so this seems like a good deal.

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