Non-Turbo: 1991 Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet

I never liked the 1982-1991 Porsche 944 much. If the front-engine 928 irked purists enough, then the 924/944 must have really annoyed them. The hatchback version isn't very pretty looking, and was always in danger of becoming irrelevant with less expensive, more reliable, and just as fast competition from Nissan's Z cars.

The convertible 944 S2 is a different story, though. With the flush fog lamp front end and smooth flat rear deck, it looks cool, and Nissan never offered a convertible Z, so it was unique on the market.

Only 2,402 S2 Cabriolet were imported to the U.S. between 1989 and 1991. The S2 featured a 16-valve 3.0-liter inline four cylinder engine that produced 208 horsepower to the rear wheels. It was the largest 4-cylinder in any car at the time. The transmission and gearing were also revived. When mated to a stick shift, the car went from 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds and was capable of 150 mph.

The smooth integrated front-end previously only available on Turbo models does wonders for the look of the car. This example also looks good in electric blue with aftermarket gold BBS Mag wheels. The cabriolet body was built by ASC-American Sunroof Company in Weinsberg, Germany.

The interior is gray and contrasts with the exterior well.

The seller says the vehicle has only 42k miles. Mechanically, they say they have all current service records and the engine has good compression.

Cosmetically, they say it has no rust, straight body and only 1 scratch on the rear.

This is definitely a Sunday or dinner out-only car, but it seems to be a well-kept example of a relatively rare car. Hemmings CPI Value Guide estimates a '91 944 S2 Cabriolet in fair condition to be worth $4,375 and in good condition worth $7,825.

Available here on ebay in Reno, Nevada with bidding at $6,100 and a Buy-It-Now of $7,300.

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