Pre-GM: 32k-Mile 1990 Saab 900 Turbo Convertible

Now that the brand is dead, historians will divide the Saab story into two distinct chapters: pre-General Motors, and everything after. Pre-GM Saabs, of course, are what everyone remembers fondly, and will likely increase in value. The same just can't be said of anything General Motors tampered with.

The 900 is probably the most identifiable and iconic Saab, and lasted from 1978-1993. Although they were simplistic front-wheel drive, the car made up for it in almost every way possible with rock-solid build construction, high quality materials, turbocharged engines, ample interior and trunk space and quirky styling. Almost 1 million were built.

In 1987, the 900 was updated with flush headlamps and smooth integrated bumpers that greatly helped their appearance. These, in my opinion, are the best 900 models and are vastly superior over the previous models. They still look crisp in a manner cars just can't pull off today.

This particular model is the coveted convertible with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine under the hood. It's mated to an automatic transmission, but we're fine with that as these were comfortable boulevard cruisers anyways. Refrigerator white shows off the clean lines and contrasts nicely with the black bumpers and cloth top. Inside, a cozy burgundy leather interior guarantees comfort.

The seller is a dealer and do not underestimate what they have, saying it is "beyond ridiculous" and "unmolested" with original paint and in perfect working order. They say it has no rust, an original rare interior color, and no accidents.

The seller is so confident about this 900, they even post shots of the car from underneath, and it does indeed look remarkably spotless.

Of all the 900 models the convertibles are the most likely to be least driven and in better condition, but this one is the cleanest I've seen yet and the condition and originality are truly inspiring. It's just a shame whoever was the previous owner decided to part with it, but their loss will be a new owner's happy gain.

Dealers usually exaggerate, but they could be right about one thing: there probably isn't another one like this. It could be the lowest mileage Saab 900 convertible in the world.

Available here on ebay in Maywood, New Jersey with 3 days left but bidding already at an astonishing $8,301.

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