Remember the Future: 1981 Citroen GSAX3

Citroen is an odd but admirable brand. Their cars ranged from economy to luxury, but they all had an eccentric twist. They were unusual looking. They were futuristic. And yet many of them had simplistic front-wheel drive layout, such as this GSA, though there was often nothing simplistic about the technology underneath.

The GS was made from 1970-1986 and was a success, with over 2 million units produced. Most engines were air-cooled flat four-cylinders. In 1979, the GSA replaced the GS and added a new hatchback body.

Styling was done in-house by Robert Opron. He gives the GSA a classic shape that is very Citroen and very European but seldom seen here. I love four-door hatchbacks. They are so practical and functional. Saab offered them for years, and only a couple other automakers. It's a shame there aren't more.

Inside, the wild instrument cluster features a hi-tech diagnostic screen that monitors the hydraulic suspension, a single-spoke steering wheel, and cylindrical stalks covered in switches and buttons flaking each side of the wheel. This could easily have been a background prop for Blade Runner, except it was a consumer's reality in 1981. Cue Vangelis. Awesome.

Like many Citroen, the GSA was never officially sold here, making this one a rarity in the U.S. The seller states it has been in dry storage since 1987, but they say it runs good. They mention it has the 13/15 cc flat four, and is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.

Cosmetically, they had it repainted once in a similar enamel-type paint they found it with. It looks great in "robin egg blue". They do say it has some rust, but just one spot, and there are no holes - yet. They also note a nick in the rear and some damage to the driver's side mirror.

They say the odometer reads about 119,009 kilometers which is only about 73k miles.

Available here on ebay in Copake Falls, New York with bidding starting at  $5,500 and a Buy-It-Now of $5,900.

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