Under $10k: 41k-Mile 1988 Porsche 928 S4

These are the unloved sons of the Porsche world.

The 928 was intended to replace - gasp - the 911. Porsche was gearing up for rumored legislation outlawing - another gasp - rear engines in Germany. They also felt the 911 had reached its maximum potential, and could no longer be improved upon (really?). Porsche envisioned replacing it with car that did what the 911 could do, but more comfortably and practically. After the engine regulation never materialized, the 928 was followed through but simply sold alongside the 911 for 18 years. Consumers got the best of both worlds.

I like these a lot. Porsche hit a another home run in the styling department. Just as the 911 was an iconic automotive shape for the ages, the 928 added another new classic profile to the lineup. In some ways it's just a stretched 911. Sloped rear-back, elongated front, round headlights.

In 1986, the 928 got a lot better looking than earlier iterations. New smooth front and rear ends were added, along with corresponding turn indicators and taillights. The dinky little spoiler was ditched in favor of a larger and more aesthetically serious piece. It just got so much better looking.

This particular example looks great in light gray over blue.

The key difference from the 911 is that the 928 features a front-engine layout. But this was no bow to conformity. The engine still powered the rear wheels. And this time, there was more power than any factory 911 could generate: a huge 32-valve 5.0 liter V8 pumping out a very healthy 316 horsepower. I imagine this is a blast on highway on-ramps, glued to the road with effortless acceleration. The ultimate autobahn grand tourer.

Porsches are among the most expensive cars to fix in the world. Parts are rare and expensive, and garages assume you're an endless well of money if you own one. I'd make sure to get a full history on this. Number of owners? Accidents? Maintenance records? "Porsche guys like their Porsches perfect" my boss John likes to say. Which means that there are a lot of imperfect Porsches hanging around on the market waiting to be snatched up at good prices for the rest of us, IF they check out.

I spotlighted this one because it's got an under $10k asking price and low miles. For a car that was originally $70k, that's quite a depreciation, and now it's a lot of car for not too too much money. Porsche made a lot of them over a long time, so they are not rare, and not as desirable as the 911, so they are always available. But again, previous ownership and maintenance is key. If it passes, you have my envy.

Available here on ebay in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for $9,999 and the Make Offer option.

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