1964 & '65 Isuzu Bellel Diesels

These two rare Isuzu are being offered for sale together. One is a complete running car and the other is more for parts but is also running.

The Bellel was Isuzu's first independent design and was produced from 1961-1966. Only 37,206 examples were made, and doubtless just a fraction have survived to today.

Styling is neat and compact, and it's especially great to see the pre-facelift '64 model with the quirky triangular taillights that were later erased. Even better is that it's the running one.

Isuzu offered the Bellel with either gasoline or diesel engines. Interestingly, these are both the diesel variants. While known for being unrefined, it makes them even more charming and purposeful, and not surprisingly they were popular as taxicabs.
The diesel engine was a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder. All engines were mated to 4-speed manual transmissions with the shifter mounted on the steering column. The engine powered the rear two wheels.

Given how rare these are in the U.S., especially left-hand drive versions, we say restore both.

Available here on ebay in Oracle, Arizona with bidding at $1,125 and reserve not met.


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