56k-Mile 1970 Fiat 128 Euro

The seller of this rare Fiat says they personally imported it from the original owner in Europe and still have the registration papers from there.

Fiat launched the 128  in 1969 as their standard issue compact car. Production continued until 1985 after over 3 million units were made. Foreign markets continued making the car until 2001.

This car marked a new era of front-wheel drive from Fiat, good for the company's bottom line, bad for driving enthusiasts. Fortunately what the 128 does do, it does well. The engine is transversely mounted and unequal drive shaft lengths allowed Fiat to place the engine and gearbox side by side, now an industry standard in compact cars.

The sheet metal is also innovative, squeezing in a hood, four doors and a trunk in a tiny shape that's also quite charming. The flat mustard yellow is period but works.

This example is not entirely original but is most likely in better condition than it was before. The seller says the car had rust and was stripped down, treated and re-painted in the original color. Inside, they replaced the door panels, headliner and carpets. Underneath the hood the seller replaced the timing belt and gave it a tuneup. They say it has less thank 96,000 kilometers which is about 56k miles.

The 128 is one of those cars where a ton were made, then simultaneously wiped out through use and rust. Finding a relatively low mileage and refreshed version like this is difficult, especially in the US.

Available here on ebay in Sanford, Florida with bidding at $6,200 and reserve not met.

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