Hibernating 1985 Subaru XT AWD Turbo

The XT is a hot up and coming classic. Low production numbers, two-doors, all-wheel drive, turbocharging and styling that can only be described as nothing less than avant garde. This particular example is in common shape of for an up and coming classic: dramatically stashed in the middle of the woods somewhere, just waiting for an new appreciate owner to rescue and rehabilitate it.

Subaru only produced these from 1985-1991, and the turbo models only until 1988, making them even more rare. These had just 112 horsepower, so they didn't win any drag races but they made up for it with the turbo boost and all-wheel traction. The AWD system was part-time and activated by a push-button on top of the shifter. Talk about choices. Feel unsafe? Did it just start raining? Are you anticipating a storm? Could that be black ice ahead? Just press the button and engine power is diverted to the rear wheels too.

These cars look great in light colors that show off the classic 1980s wedge shape. Note the hidden headlights and slim rear taillight strip that give it an undercover, stealthy look and feel. The greenhouse glass is plentiful and the pillars are slim to give occupants superior vision in and out, which was inspired by the feel of a fighter jet cockpit.

The seller of this example says it has low compression and needs turbo work. Cosmetically, it is clearly dilapidated, which faded paint, rust, dings and dents. This will need a full on restoration. Fortunately, the seller says it still runs and they have a clear title.

The grand price of admission into the new classic car club? A mere $400.

Available here on craigslist in Denver, Colorado.

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