In the US: 1992 Citroen XM

Shortly after becoming infatuated with the XM one pops up on ebay to taunt COTC with its seductive shape, nifty technology and utilitarian hatchback.

The XM replaced the CX in 1989 and followed a long line of four-door hatchbacks from Citroen. It was, in many ways, their ultimate vision realized. On paper, some of the statistics are misleadingly banal: front-wheel drive, cloth seats, four- and six-cylinder engines. Yet, like the French themselves, there was much more to the XM than meets the eye. As Citroen's flagship vehicle, they loaded it with sophisticated technology they had refined over decades like the Hydractive suspension where electronic sensors monitored dozens of impulses on the car and adjust the suspension accordingly within milliseconds, resulting in the famous smooth Citroen ride. The suspension could also be lowered for high speeds or raised on poor surfaces

The sleek four-door wedge body was courtesy of Bertone and is truly awesome, building on both past Citroen shapes and themes while moving the company firmly into the future. The low belt-line makes the windows huge and the greenhouse is supported by no less than 12 blackened pillars for a stealthy and futuristic look. It usually contrasts nicely with lighter colors but this looks sharp in black.

Although the turbo-diesel versions are most in keeping with the car's character, this example (VIN VF7Y3AG0004AG5872) has a 12-valve 3.0-liter V6 gasoline engine good for about 170 horsepower.

Inside, occupants are treated to spaciousness and comfort with large leather seats. The trademark single-spoke steering wheel is intact, and although the rest of the dash is unusually subdued for a Citroen it fits the overall theme of hi-tech elegance.

The seller is scant on details but say they have owned the car for 19 years and that it has 78k miles (or kilometers?), new tires, and is "very fast". The rest of their ad is the entire wikipedia file on the car copy and pasted.

Citroen stopped officially selling cars in North America since 1974, and although some importers managed to bring in some over the years, very few XM were sold here (or, more importantly, understood), making this car an extreme rarity and and in seemingly great shape too. If you've been dreaming of owning an XM (and I know I lot of people have), this could be a great opportunity to buy one already here.

Available here on ebay in Virginia with bidding at $5,600, reserve not met, and a Buy-It-Now of $14,500.

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