Price Buster: $18.5k 1991 Bentley Turbo R

Bentley cars weren't always the super cool and sexy hi-tech mobiles they are today. In the 80s, the company was stuck with just two bodies, one of which was the dull and angular Mulsanne, and the other was the ancient Corniche, which had been in use since the 60s. Both were also shared with Rolls Royce, lessening the exclusivity even more.

With the Mulsanne-based Turbo R, however, the company sought to spice things up a bit.

'R' stood for road holding and referred to various tuning and suspension changes Bentley made to the Mulsanne to make it sportier. Wider tires and alloy wheels were also added. Underneath the hood was a huge 6.75 liter turbocharged V8 engine that pumped out nearly 300 horsepower to the rear wheels, very respectable for the time and still healthy today. If the goal was to blow the Mercedes 500SEL and BMW 750iL out of the water, Bentley succeeded, and it caught the attention of the press and upper crusters, too.

The only drawback is that reliability will be questionable. For a long time, expensive British cars were made with a lot of pride but not much practicality. I have absolutely no idea where you'd have this serviced and how much it could cost, but the huge engine and turbo boost is going to put a lot of stress on things, and it isn't going to be cheap when something does break.

This example is the cheapest I've ever seen, and could be the lowest priced example ever on the market, save for salvage and wrecked ones. The seller says they acquired it from a family friend and the car wears its original paint, has never been wrecked, and is in good running condition. They list the odometer as reading just 60,953 miles. It also looks good in lesser-seen grey, as so many were red.

I'd love to just have it for a Sunday to drive fast on the highway then show off driving slow around town.

Available here on ebay in Long Beach, California with no bids starting at $14k and a Buy It Now of $18,500.

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