Blue Plate 1970 Renault R10

The Renault R10 was a more upscale version of the R8. Both featured a rear-mounted engine powering the rear wheels. Production of the R10 last from 1965-1971.

The overall length of the R10 was increased from the R8, as well as luggage space but the interior size remained the same. Power came from several four-cylinder engines.

French cars are quirky and this Renault is no exception, especially with the engine in the rear. Still, it's easy to forget that rear engines were once the norm, even on economy cars. Will the auto industry forever collude to keep us starved with front-engine, front-wheel drive, or will rear engine ever make a widespread comeback?

The seller of this example says it is a two-owner vehicle that wears its blue plates proudly. Cosmetically, they say it is "99%" rust free but does have some dings, dimples and dents that would be expected from a decades old vehicle. They say the interior is in good shape.

In the rear is the larger 1300cc 4-cylinder engine that the seller says doesn't leak oil or smoke and and runs well.

The seller says there are a stack of receipts that come from day one of purchase.

This is a charming little car that you don't see often in the U.S. It could be further refined to become a show car, continue as a daily driver or errand car, or both.

Available here on ebay in Ventura, California with bidding at $200.

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  1. As a 16 year old driver in 1968, I was handed down the old family volkwagen which I dearly loved mostly for the freedom and independance. Then came the opal cadet wagon...another car I loved and hauled all my friends around in. In 1973, I entered college. About the year 1975, my dad called me to come see a car that had just come on a lot. It was traded in by the French teacher of our high school, who on a school field trip several years prior had purchased this little car and had it shipped to the United States. I believe it had to undergo some minor changes before being allowed to enter our country. The little car turned out to be a 1970 Renault R10, red, and just as cute as could be. I bought that car on the spot wondering later how I was going to pay my $32.00 a month car payment. Anyhow, the car was so foreign, with the starter on the left side, the turn signal switch on the right side, the lights were somewhere different, also, but I forget where they were. The tires were so small...they were like bicycle tires, the engine in the rear and the gasoline went into the rear engine compartment also. The seats were wide leather, the door handles backward...I absouletly loved that car! I drove that car everywhere with more people staring and wondering what it was. The story is too long to tell where it is today, but I no longer have it and think of it often. What a great automobile was my Red Renault R10!!!!!.