In the US: 1988 BMW 325ix Wagon

Oh winter! How you punish me with your freezing temperatures, relentless snow and overly sanded and salted roads. But how you give me reason to buy cars that would make the winter so much more bearble - at least when driving.

The E30 station wagon was never officially offered in North America, and only a handful have made their way here since through private importation. While Mercedes-Benz wagons are legendary, BMW variants are less so. They were never offered in diesels, and weren't introduced until the late 80s, so they never developed a cult following. But that doesn't mean they aren't as cool.

The E30 wagon is particularly neat because the E30 chassis is arguably one of the best BMW cars of all time. It's about the size of a Honda Civic, but with superior design and engineering.

This particular example is the first year they starting making the wagon body style, and it's utterly brilliant. The roof is extended and the rear slopes perfectly into the same taillights as sedan, coupe and convertible had. It also has a rear wiper.

As a cherry on top, this one is also equipped with BMW's first all-wheel drive system, simply denoted by the "x" in 325ix. BMW did not advertise this system as much as Audi did with Quattro and Mercedes with 4Matic, so it disappeared after the E30 and did not return until nearly a decade later with the E46 "xi" (of which I am a very happy owner). As an additional bonus, this one has a stick shift for those rally enthusiasts.

The U.S. government prohibits the private importation of vehicles newer than 25 years old for road use, but this puppy just turned 25 this year, so it should be here legally. The seller says it is exempt from DOT and EPA exempt, and can be registered as a classic vehicle.

Cosmetically, it seems to be wearing ugly aftermarket rims, but otherwise looks fine. The front black plastic spoiler is missing, a common flaw on these as they are usually taken out by road debris or parking blocks, and should be easy to replace.

Mechanically, the seller says it's a 1-owner vehicle with full maintenance, everything working, and no needs.

If this thing checks out with no rust and a clear title, you've got one really cool car for a bargain price.

Available here on ebay in New York for $6,999.

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