Perfect Strangers: Porsche and Thunderbird

Last summer I spotted this rusty white 911 sitting at a Shell station in Massachusetts. The attendant said it has been sitting there in need of repairs for a while, but they stayed in touch with the owner. The car itself was complete looking but in poor shape. The clear coat had completely faded and was peeling to reveal surface rust. The interior was a mess. The engine is probably even worse. But it still looked striking in refrigerator white, just sitting there, neglected, forever in purgatory. My guess it was a late 70s or early 80s non-turbo Carrera.

Fast forward to this fall, when I buy my E46. I'm in need of a local European garage who I can trust to honestly assess, repair and service my car. I found them nearby and get talking with the friendly owner, Dave. He's a big Porsche guy, and he's looking for an old 911 to completely redo into a race car. I immediately think of the 911 I saw. It's a perfect candidate for that kind of work.

So I went back to see it today, and sure enough it was still there, but this time it had moved across the lot and now sat next to 1964 Ford Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird was also painted white, but in much better condition. The paint still had gloss and the chrome looked decent. It wore a hardtop and whitewall wheels. It looked beautiful.

One of the things I immediately noticed was the size difference between the two - how small the 911 is in general and especially compared to the boat-like Thunderbird.

I sent the photos of the Porsche along with some contact info over to Dave and am interested to see what he does. Regardless, it's fun seeing these this odd couple together, and even more amusing both seemingly broken down at a gas station. Purists don't cringe! They will hopefully have homes soon. At least the Porsche. COTC will keep you updated!

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