1982 Opel-Isuzu I Mark Diesel

The first generation Opel Gemini was a subcompact car launched in 1974 and lasted until 1985. It was sold under a variety of brands in many different markets, hence the confusion in North America, where it was called the Opel Isuzu, then Buick Opel, then simply Isuzu I Mark.

This is the last iteration, simply called an Isuzu. I've never seen one in person and this is the first I've seen for sale on ebay.

Underneath the hood is a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine that powers the rear wheels. It's definitely not going to win any drag races, in fact it's going to be downright slow on the highway, but the reward for sacrificing performance is efficiency. The seller estimates it can get 50 miles per gallon. They also say it has been converted to bio-fuel, another huge plus in the economy department.

Cosmetically, it's a Malaise Era classic, a front end only a mother could love, big windows, simple lines and clunky 5 mph government mandated bumpers. Fortunately, this one wears a chipper coat of pale yellow paint that brightens things up a bit.

The seller says it's been serviced, with new oil, new filters, new brake pads, shocks and an alternator. They say it runs and drives great with no problems. It's also got 5 speed transmission.

Unfortunately, the seller mentions some rust limited to the doors and wheel wells.

They do however say they've scoured the internet for 5 years for a similar car and haven't found another one.

Available here on ebay in Austin, Texas with just one bidder at $500.00 and 7 days left.

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