Classic Under $10k: 1959 Chevrolet Apache

This thing is going to go fast. Not drive fast. Sell fast.

Pre-1970s American trucks are collector's items. This was way before the Japanese got into the pickup business as Toyota did in the 1980s and took a chunk out of Detroit's sales. In the late 40s and 50s no one else in the world were making trucks like this. They were unique. They were also "built tough" as they saying goes, and could be used for a long time, provided they did not rust away (alas, as most did).

The Apache was part of Chevrolet's Task Force lineup that debuted in 1955, replacing the legendary Advance Design series that dominated the post-war truck market. The Task Force trucks featured wrap around windshields, power steering and brakes, an upgraded electrical system and refreshed styling. The actual name Apache was used from 1958 onward for all 1/3 ton trucks. They gained two more front headlights. Meanwhile factory air conditioning debuted. They could also be ordered with four-wheel drive instead of the default rear-wheel setup.

In 1960, the pickup lineup was totally revised again with entirely different and more boxy styling.

This is a final year 1959 Apache 3600. The owner says it has the 235 straight 6-cylinder engine with a column mounted three-speed shifter.

Cosmetically it's looking worn, but that's expected, even desired. I like the green and white paint. It'll look good year round in any locale.

As with any old car, rust is a top concern. The seller says they welded the front cab mounts and floor but the rear cabin needs floor welding. They also say they installed an electric windshield wiper motor and are including extra bumpers and a driver's side door.

Mechanically, they say it's running.

This is clearly a project car, but if you intend to use it as the beater it really beckons to be, it could be ready to haul your firewood and Christmas tree home this winter.

Available here on craigslist in Manchester, New Hampshire for $5,500.


  1. Looking for more background on this particular truck. Chain of ownership etc. I just finished a frame of on this truck and would love to have its history.