Ex-Military: 1984 Chevrolet K30 Diesel 4x4

Looking like it came straight from a Schwarzenegger movie is this mid 80s diesel truck with a few unique things going for it.

Firstly, you just never see Chevy trucks from the 80s anymore, at least here in the wet, salty Northeast, where most cars over a decade old start succumbing to the elements and rust away into the earth again. On top of that, most trucks were used hard and frequently, adding extra wear and tear.

Secondly, underneath the hood is a 6.21 "J" Code Detroit diesel engine. Diesels never took off in popularity they way the did in Europe, which is a shame because they are torquey, efficient and reliable. Just in the past couple years, however, they have come into widespread awareness, with second hand Mercedes and Volkswagen diesels commanding ridiculous prices. It seems silly, but there's a reason they have a devoted following. Unfortunately, this large a diesel engine can't be that much more efficient than it's gasoline counterpart, especially when it's pulling the weight of this truck. Still, it adds character and charm.

The last and perhaps most intriguing element to this is its former military usage. "Military" is a broad term of course and can actually mean anything from national guard to marines to covert intelligence. Of course, once the vehicles are ready for civilian marketplace they are usually stripped of anything interesting, but this one retained its camouflage paint scheme and a rear compartment box full of goodies. It's insulated and features a fold-up bunk bed and door access to the front cabin. There's also a ball hitch, trailer brake controller, 12-volt power for a rear winch, 2 55-gallon fuel tanks, and a 20-AMP interior power supply. The seller also says it's immune to Electro Magnetic Pulses (EMP). Cool!

The seller does say there is some minimal surface rust, but it only has 42k original miles and they have invested $10k in this and it's ready to go.

This could make a unique and dependable camping machine.

Available here on craigslist fro $8,900.

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