In the Family: 1985 Chevrolet Impala

Remember these? There was once a time when the Chevrolet rear wheel drive b-body sedans were ubiquitous as police cars, cabbies, and your elderly neighbor's ride during the 80s and early 90s.

Chevrolet introduced this generation Impala in 1976. It was smaller and slightly more efficient than it's gargantuan predecessor of the excessive early 70s. Perhaps most noticeably, it looked a lot better. By no means a beautiful car, it's instead a exercise in clean, simple hard angles. It's tough and no-nonsense looking.

The b-body Impala lasted until 1985 - making this a final year car. Chevrolet then used the Caprice name from 1986 until a major redesign in 1991. The Impala name wasn't resurrected until the 2000 model year.

The seller says this one has been in the family since new and has logged 136,000 miles. Mechanically, they say it has new brakes, new gas line, exhaust, alternator, battery, timing belt and tires. They don't mention rust or any accidents, which are things to look for. They do say it is their daily driver but they need a truck or van now and are willing to trade for one.

Fortunately, under the hood is a 5.0-liter 4-barrel carburetor V8 engine. There's nothing like an American V8 rumbling underneath a boxy late 70s design. Put on your aviators, turn on the police scanner and pretend you're on an stakeout.

Available here on craigslist.

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