In the US: 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-S

The Silvia is a long-running nameplate of rear-wheel drive coupes by Nissan. North America was privy to a couple versions, but missed out on the version that debuted in Japan in 1999. It wore classic Japanese styling: simple, clean, unpretentious and sleek.

Underneath the hood is a 4-cylinder engine. There was a non-turbo version and although the seller doesn't specify I would assume and hope this is the turbo. These also came with 4-wheel steering, but, again, the seller does't specify.

What they do mention is that it is the Spec-S trim, which features a 5-speed manual transmission, open differential and 4-piston front brake caliper.

Since it was made for the Japanese domestic market, the steering is right-hand drive. The seller says they have added a Pioneer screen with some speakers, different coils, 300ZX brakes and tinted windows.

Although the U.S. government only allows importation of vehicles older than 25 years old, this one is somehow in the states. The ad implies it is in Rhode Island, but in the photos it wears Florida plates, which actually may explain matters as the Florida DMV is notoriously (and pleasantly) lenient when registering unusual and non-US motor vehicles. Regardless, the seller claims the car is titled, registered, inspected and insured, all huge pluses. They even have a photo of the title, although to confuse matters again it's a New Hampshire title.

These cars have a cult following. This one seems to be cared for and has to be only a handful that have made it here, making it even more of a rarity. There also isn't anything quite like it on the market today, especially from Japan: a 4-cylinder turbocharged rear-wheel drive coupe.

Available here on craigslist for $19,000.

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