1964 Chevrolet C10 Short Bed Pickup

Nothing says American transportation like pickup trucks. That is, pickup trucks before the Japanese invasion of the late 70s and 80s. Before that, buying any other pickup than a Chevy or Ford was unthinkable, in fact, impossible, as there really wasn't anything else like them.

Although we all know how the "tiny two-seat convertible" is the most likely variant of automobile to appreciate in value, their polar opposite, the tough unwieldy, unglamorous American pickup truck, is having its moment too. Firstly, they are hard to find. These were solidly built and dependable but were worked to death in the early post-industrial years of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Second, they are unique and fill a niche. They ignite the imagination as easily as apple pie or the marlboro man.

This particular find is a '64 C10 with the desirable short bed. COTC likes the short bed for the nice proportions it gives the truck and better handling, too.

The 1960 model year heralded a whole new pickup for Chevrolet. These trucks had a lower cabin for easier access and independent front suspension for an almost car-like ride. They were offered with either 6- or 8-cylinders, and either 2- or 4-wheel drive. The C denoted 2wd and the K 4wd. 1964 models eliminated the wrap-aroud windshield and featured a new grille. The range was changed again in 1967 and wasn't as good looking.

The seller says the 230 6-cylinder engine is under the hood mated to a 3-speed column shifter.

The 6-speed and 2wd combo is fine for most macho tasks.

The seller says they purchased the vehicle as a project but are going to work on another vehicle instead. It's always a little irritating when sellers say that. What was it about this car that bugged them? Still, the honesty is appreciated.

Mechanically, they say it runs and drives but will need work on a bunch of stuff that degrades with age like the carburator and brakes.

Fortunately, they say it's about 95% rust free, nothing short of a miracle on an old picked located in New England. They say the paint job is not original and is poor, but the red and white combo isn't terrible from afar.

I can't stand when old pickups are redone into showroom queens. Something always gets lots in translation. COTC thinks this should be mechanically sorted, then driven as is to the lake, antique furniture sprees and Christmas tree hauling. Unless the paint is really that bad, but paint jobs are extensive and the seller wants enough dough as it is.

Available here on craigslist for $6,500.

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