1964 Corvair Corvan 95

The Corvair lineup was a bright spot in American automotive history. With the shadow of Volkswagen's impressive rear-engine domination looming, GM enlisted the Corvair to fend off the threat. The Corvair sedan, coupe, convertible and wagon were pretty cool and successful cars.

The Corvan was officially known as the Greenbriar Sportswagon and was made from 1961-65. The air-cooled horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine was mounted in the rear and powered the rear wheels, like the Volkswagen Type 2. The cabin forward design sat over the front wheels.

The engine was good for about 100 horsepower. This particular example is mated to the more desirable 4-speed manual transmission.

It also features a windowless panel body with two rear opening doors on one side for easy access.

The seller has added a new steering kit, windshield, weather stripping clutch and paint job.

They say it needs new upholstery, shocks, horn and heater.

Vans are cool in general because they are roomy and practical. This one takes that to another level with the unique rear engine setup. With Volkswagen Vanagan prices and desirability going through the roof, an obscure but worthy alternative are Corvair vans like this. With a little work, this is a nice classic van.

Available here on craigslist for $8,500.

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