1975 Porsche 914 1.7L

The Porsche 914 is a such a funny little car. It was intended to be a Volkswagen. But so close were Porsche-VW ties in those days, it ended up with with the more prestigious of the two's badge. And values have increased in an absurd and irritating Porsche-like way, too.

The one thing going for the 914 is a sense of low-key fun that the hot-tempered, snooty 911 doesn't have. The 914 came with mid-placed 4-cylinder engines (although a 6-cyl was briefly offered). These aren't fast cars. But they handled well, were relatively easy to maintain, and looked cool at the beach or drive in movies.

The styling is strangely appealing too. You want to be repulsed at first, then you just "get it". Aaahh, 70s German car. Pop art. Rampant crime in NYC. Milk is $1.40 and gas is only .57 cents a gallon.

Early models had smaller chrome bumpers, but this one is cursed with the larger black rubber pieces. Thank American lawyers and bureacracy.

One big thing about old Porsches is the degree of originality. Fortunately, this one has just a light re-spray, but everything else seems original, including the nice wheels. Although the interior looks too good.

The seller is a dealer and says it has just 60k miles and $10k in maintenance receipts. Obviously, this is one of the better kept 914.

Unfortunately, for the price they want, you could easily find a decent 1997 Boxtser, which was essentially the same idea but looked way better and was way faster. Also, you will never get your money back. The 911 is a whole different league and will always be worth more.

Available here on craigslist for $14,500.

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