1984 Mercedes 230CE Euro

Oh Mercedes-Benz. How far you've come. I'm slightly worried about you despite your incredible fame and fortune, however. Sure, you're one of the oldest and richest car companies in existence and show no signs of slowing down. But you just aren't the same anymore, and I'm not sure that's a good thing.

Mercedes changed once BMW caught up with them in the 80s. They were really never the same from the 90s onward. Instead of careful attention to detail and quality that could last forever, they increasingly focused on flash, bling and the yuppie market instead of long term planning for the future. The designs got sloppy. The cars lost the heavy steering. Electronic gadgets were everywhere. Reliability plummeted.

In the mid-80s however they were still king, and perhaps no other car can exemplify their craftsmanship than this European specification 230CE. The engine was never available in the U.S. and has more power and spunk. The beautiful headlights and small chrome bumpers are Euro-only delights.

The W123 lasted rom 1976-1985 and resulted in 2.7 million units made. It was a commercial and critical success and is to many the definitive Mercedes-Benz, blending their old-world grace with new world durability, practicality and refinement.

The seller says the car was well-kept by the first owner and still wears its original paint. The rare cloth interior looks terrific too. They say the clutch shifts well and the rest of the car has no mechanical issues.

The seller has an auction and a $9,500 buy-it-now, which ain't bad. Considering this is easily one of the greatest cars ever built, you're getting your money's worth. This baby is fine doing weekend errands or making long trips. It's a versatile, strong, sexy automobile. And it has many more miles to go.

Available here on ebay.

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