1991 Renault Alpine GTA Turbo

Renault's Alpine followed the spiritual tradition of the rear-engine Alpine of the 60s. In 1978, Renault bought the company. Then, in 1986, Renault debuted their own version. It bore none of the sexy curves of the original Alpine (which resembled a Ferrari Dino), instead featuring hard angles, futuristic greenhouse glass and a grille-less front that looked more demure than a Merkur (sorry I couldn't resist).

Despite the aesthetic rebellion, it still had the rare and intriguing rear engine setup, and this time, it was packed with power. This is the turbocharged V6 version putting out 200 horsepower. Thanks to extensive use of fiberglass body panels, it was lighter and faster than similar Porches of the era.

There are few cars that black-on-black doesn't work and this Alpine is no exception. The seller says the paint is original but has wear. It also mercifully retains its original factory alloys.

Inside, the interior is sparse and all-business. The leather looks comfy but also shows wear.

Mechanically, the seller says the car does run and drive well and recent maintenance includes a new clutch, flywheel resurfacing and engine-out tuneup.

This is a pretty rare specimen in the North America. The seller lists it as in Ontario Canada, and it will need a few more years to be road legal here but could possibly be brought over under the show and display law in the meantime.

'91 was the last year before a mild cosmetic refreshing and some other small changes.

Available here on ebay for $17,900.

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