Clean 1991 Audi V8 Quattro

This car has made the blog rounds (deservedly so) and because I love the V8 Quattro (as they were simply called back then) I'm going to do my bit too.

The V8 Quattro debuted in 1988 and lasted until 1993. Audi were having a hard time in the 80s. Their lower range models were suffering from a media-induced hysteria over unintentional acceleration. 60 Minutes even went so far as to fabricate a report! The damage was unbelievable. Sales plummeted and I believe 1990-1991 was their all time low.

Wealthy people were missing out, however. The V8 Quattro had nothing to do with the acceleration debacle and offered one hell of an alternative from Mercedes and BMW. Firstly, it was fresh and new looking. Clean lines, squared off corners, minimal chrome, flared fenders and huge front and rear lights.

Second, it offered a mechanical combination no one else did: V8 power and all-wheel drive. BMW only offered the rather ridiculous V12 750iL and the underpowered 6-cylinder 735i, and Mercedes's biggest and most powerful was the 8-cylinder 560SE/SEL. But they were rear-wheel drive. Audi offered the power of eight cylinders with the traction of all-wheel drive. For people who didn't care about fuel consumption to start with and wanted an even more sure-footed driving experience, the Audi would have been a revelation.

Inside, occupants were treated to exquisitely carved driver-oriened shapes and surfaces with a whole bunch of extra analogue gauges for the geek inside. Seats were huge and comfy. Real wood was swathed everywhere.

Since it was a big expensive car that came out when Audi was unpopular and an economic recession was just setting in, very few V8 Quattro were sold, and even fewer survive today. Resale values plummeted and they were mostly acquired for very cheap in the 90s then abandoned as the price of parts surged. Interestingly, they rarely rusted away as other German cars from the 80s have because Audi brilliantly used galvanized steel on the handsome bodies.

All that makes this puppy a rare find. At 106k miles, it's already broken in, but the mileage and overall condition indicate it must have been pretty well take care of so far. Let's hope the next owner keeps it stock and maintained. It will guzzle premium gas like a truck and be pricey to fix, but it's a sweet vintage ride that won't ever let you get stuck in the snow.

Availble here on ebay for the pretty reasonable asking price of $3,900.

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