Imitation Is Flattery: Ferrari 512BB Replica

Quick! Do you want drive something flashy without having to fork over the dough normally associated with doing so? Answer: a replica Ferrari.

These cars are looked down upon by 99% of automotive enthusiasts out there. I could care less. I love replicas! When I was younger I used to build LEGOs all the time. On a couple occasions I made a few model cars. Building a LEGO car is like building a replica car: it ain't gonna come out exact, but the harder you try the closer you get, until you realize the effort was the fun part, and the end result is something greater than the actual thing because it's unique and your experience was involved in it.

We've all heard of the Ferrari Daytona replicas and then of course there was the Pontiac Mera, which imitated the Ferrari 308. But you don't see Ferrari 512BB replicas often. Part of it is personal preference. A replica 512BB sure as hell doesn't have a 12-cylinder engine in the back the way the actual car did. So the body styling must have appealed to somebody along the way enough to make a replica.

This one is okay looking. There are for worse replicas. The seller doesn't specify what the mechanical underpinnings are, but it looks to be a Pontiac Fiero, based on the proportions and interior. The seller does say it was built by Corson in Phoenix in 1989. A little internet sleuthing revealed there was indeed such a company, the cars were in fact based on a Fiero chassis and some apparently had V8 engines. Impresssive. I also found this neat vintage ad:

Unfortunately seller doesn't specify what engine is in this example, so it's anybody's guess - four, six or eight cylinders. They do however say it's not bad on gas, so it probably isn't an eight cylinder.

Mechanically the say it has only 45k miles, a warranty on the engine, and updated a/c. Cosmetically it looks pretty flawless, but you want to check the (presumably) fiberglass body for cracks or accident repair.

If you don't live near a bunch of car snobs, this is a fun ride that provides all the classic style of European cars without the headaches and expenses. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Available here on craigslist for $10,000.

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