1961 Corvair Rampside Pickup

What's one of the best kept vintage car secrets? The Corvair! Today's automakers have shown no indication of bringing back the rear engine. That means older cars are the only way to drive one, and that alone makes them valuable.

General Motors made the Corvair in a variety of different body styles - sedan, coupe, convertible, van and pickup - and COTC loves them all.

The "Rampside" was based on the Corvair van, and shared the futuristic cab-over front and engine under a slightly elevated rear floor. But while the van was made from '61-'65, the pickup was only made until '62, with production totaling just 3,213 units, making this a very rare vehicle.

The a gate on the side opened vertically for easy access. It was used by Bell Telephone because of that design. Most pickup trucks today are to huge and high off the ground to have anything like this.

This example looks pretty good. Cosmetically, the seller says the body was done by a tech school and isn't great, but it looks complete and fine enough from a distance. The color scheme is charming and period correct, to say the least. The shade of turquoise used for the seating doesn't match the exterior but it still looks clean and tidy.

Mechanically, the seller says the engine and transmission have been upgraded but there is gear grinding. They do have the original engine and transmission however. They also say it will need new tires and shocks and the windshield has a chip. Replacing the windshield might be expensive but not impossible as it should be the same piece that was in the more common van.

This isn't a perfect example but it's definitely not a big project car and beyond some minor work it should be nice for either occasional use or everyday driving.

Available here on craigslist for $7,995.

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