1967 BMW 2000 Ti-Lux

The BMW 2000 was part of their "Neue Klasse" of coupes and sedans of the 60s and 70s. These are classics now, but also represented over a decade of experimentation, growth and change for the brand.

The 2000 was intended to be a more upscale version of the 1800 sedan. It featured different taillights and headlights, although the front lamps were changed on US models. This one happily features the original square Euro lamps.

The styling is pretty sweet. They look like exactly what they are: an early BMW. The forward leaning front is truly a sign of a bygone design era, as is the whole "bathtub" shape, but the lights and simple slab sides are surprisingly clean and modern. I don't care for red in general and especially not on German cars but it actually works really well on this and helps brighten it tremendously. The seller seems to have spray painted the grilles, bumpers and wheels black, which, while unnecessary, isn't terrible either and certainly isn't worth the effort reversing. The front fog lamps are a cool add-on and together everything gives the car a subtle rally vibe.

Inside, the interior looks remarkably clean, although it's hard to see the entire dash. The seller says the seats were recovered, which explains why they look so good, and black is a great color and saves the next owner the hassle. Thumbs up.

Mechanically, the 2000 was available with a 1,990 cc 4-cylinder engine powering the rear wheels. The seller says that this is a "Ti" version, however, so it originally had the more desirable twin-Solex side carburetors boosting to to a decent 120 horsepower. The seller says this now has dual Weber carbs instead and mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. The "Lux" version added leather seats, wood trim and other assorted high grade interior bits and accessories.

This is a rare car that has clearly been given some recent love. The seller says it has almost no rust and have the original steel rims and hubcaps. The asking price is high given the age and that it had the paint and interior re-done, but those are also plusses. The extent of the rust will have to be checked out as well as full ownership and maintenance history, if any. Otherwise, this seems like it's ready to be a driver.

Available here for $8,900.

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