1987 Volkswagen Type 2 Westfalia Syncro

I recently posted a '91 Type 2 Syncro that was a decent late mode example. This is an even better bargain. The most desirable of all the Type 2 are the Westfalia campers, that basically take the versatility of a regular Type 2 to an extreme, with two rows of seating that fold down completely for sleeping bags or even a mattress and a roof that pops up so that a 6-foot tall adult can fully stand inside the vehicle.

Westfalia-Werke was the coach builder in Germany who added the camper modifications onto the vans after they left the factory. They had been doing this since the 50s.

By the time this was converted in the late 80s the Westfalia name was legendary. Not all VW campers are Westfalia and not all Westfalia VW are even the same. This one has a pop up and awning but does not seem to have much else, like a cooking facility and voltage outlets, however, I'm sure those things are possible to add now.

What is an amazing extra is the coveted 4wd Syncro. I'm not sure how many vans were made with both Westfalia and Syncro, but it wasn't many, and much less have survived today in one piece.

This one has 195k on the clock but looks clean. The owner says it's rust free and has good paint. The anthracite color is hard to wrong with and the interior looks pretty clean and tidy. I dig the exterior "Syncro" decals and what appear to be original plastic VW hubcaps.

Mechanically, the seller says it needs a locking leg for the pop up top and an a/c recharge.

I'd get some ownership history, maintenance records and check the underbody yourself for rust. If it checks out, this is a sweet vehicle. The mileage is high but with proper upkeep it could be good for another 190k. The rear engine four bangers are reliable and designed to go for half a million miles or more before a rebuild. It's also mated to a stick shift, so no worries about Volkswagen's troublesome automatics.

Westfalia Syncro prices are high. Sellers know what they have and want top dollar, not just because of the rarity but the desirability in usefulness. You can literally go almost anywhere on land, and stay the night, too. This one is reasonably asking $13,000.

Available here on craigslist.

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