1988 Volkswagen LT45 Diesel Firetruck

Somebody call der firetruck!

This Volkwagen was imported from Holland where it served as an airport crash tender, spraying foam wherever there were flames.

The LT was the largest light commercial van VW produced from 1975-2006. Unlike the beloved Type 2 van, the LT had the engine in the front, like most vans today. It was available with either rear or all-wheel drive, four or six cylinders, and gas or diesel engines.

This particular exam is equipped with 2wd and a Volvo 6-cyl. diesel engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.

The car is now in Florida, that haven for easily titling imported vehicles. Thankfully, the seller seems to have a good reputation and currently possess a clear FL title in hand to go with this vehicle.

Mechanically, they say it has only about 4,800 kilometers which equals about only 3,000 miles on the odometer.

Cosmetically, they say the tiny tires are in good shape and the interior is clean but the front windshield is busted and there is exterior rust. They also say the haven't tested the actual firefighting equipment and assume it is not working.

This is a quirky little truck but with that low mileage it definitely deserves a good long life in caring hands. It could be converted to a flat bed and the engine to biofuel to make it even more efficient and useful.

Available here on ebay.


  1. It was a VW D24 engine which Volvo later used. The four cylinder petrol and diesel models were not available at the same time as the six cylinder versions. The Series one was produced until 1996 after which the LT/Sprinter took over. Otherwise a cracking truck. ?Where is it now? I know a few LT drivers in the US.

    1. Hey Chris - I own this truck now, currently it's in Dallas Texas undergoing a restoration. We'll be listing the car for sale soon. It's an attention getting truck! -jeff 214.680.8535