2002 Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon

The Impreza is the gem in Subaru's lineup. It's smaller and lighter than the Legacy but it benefits from the same all-wheel drive system. It also looks cooler. Imagine all the good things you liked about a Honda Civic in addition to all the things you wished the Civic had and you end up with the Impreza. Efficiency, space, traction, power, reliability.

The first generation arrived in 1993. This is a second generation model. They were longer but also wider for even better handling and road control. The styling was pretty much more the same, smooth corners, big lights. Bland and unartful but functional and inoffensive. The wagon looked the best and made the most sense, too.

The real beauty to the Impreza is the action going on underneath the skin. First there's Subaru's patented all-wheel drive system. While makes like Suzuki, Isuzu and Mitsubishi have fallen to the wayside from failure to distinguish themselves from other Japanese brands, Subaru leaped right ahead of the pack with their all-wheel system in the 80s at a time when the only other automakers who were offering that were Mercedes-Benz and Audi for a huge premium. Subaru's cars were affordable. If you live anywhere where there is rain or snow (which is probably 90% of continental US in the winter season), you'll appreciate all-wheel drive.

The second This WRX trim includes a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that puts out around a very impressive 227 horsepower in stock form.  The seller says hey have additionally boosted it to 287 horsepower. Being used to pretty slow Japanese four bangers all my life I can't imagine how this puppy accelerates.

Perhaps the only downside to the Impreza are some of their owners, who often thrash, hack and modify their cars until they become unrecognizable. To their defense, the Imprezas are easily modifiable and once performance fever hits it's hard to break. Fortunately, this car has had just one prior elderly owner and the current owner seems to have done a rather commendable job of updating and enhancing the car subtly and tastefully which is detailed in a long list. They say they regret selling but are doing so because of their personal life.

Cosmetically, they mention a couple scratches, rock chips and fogged headlights. Mechanically, they say they the suspension is set up just right, steering has been aligned and they have maintenance records to prove overall care.

The Impreza has more or less continued to this day, but gotten fancier and more expensive. This is a pretty nice car that has obviously been cared for in addition to receiving some nice upgrades. At 139 miles, it's been around but definitely has a lot of fun life ahead.

Available here on ebay with reserve bidding starting at $8k and a $10k Buy It Now.

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