No Reserve Project 1963 Corvair Greenbriar Van

As the desirability and prices of a Volkswagen Type 2 continue to escalate, I'd like to remind everyone there's an equally cool if not cooler alternative that is way less expensive and 100% American: the Corvair Van.

In anticipation of the threat of rear engine dominance coming from Volkswagen, General Motors launched the Corvair name in 1959. Within a couple years was available in almost every body imaginable - coupe, convertible, sedan, wagon, pickup and van. The lineup lasted until 1969, and while not a disaster, was never followed up and remains to this day America's only rear engine production car. Fortunately for fans today the Corvair offers the uniqueness of rear engine setup at still affordable prices.

The van itself lasted from 1961-1965 and was available with either 6 or 8 doors. Unlike rear engine Volkswagens, all Corvairs had with 6-cylinder engines. The cabin-forward design put the driver over the front wheels, and the engine was way in back behind the rear wheels underneath a slightly raised bed floor.

This particular example is a '63 window van the seller bought off ebay from Arizona, then shipped it to Wisconsin. They intended to fix it up but alas never had the chance (how many times does that happen?) and are now offering it for sale with no reserve. COTC loves window vans for their airy outward appearance and passenger-friendliness from the inside.

The biggest issue on a van this old is rust, and while the seller says the floors are ok, they do mention some small holes in the doors.

Mechanically, they say the original 80 horsepower engine starts but putters. The a/c isn't operational and the engine is running off a gas can because the tank gas sat too long. That means this is going to need a bunch of engine work and new fuel lines and gas tank.

Cosmetically it looks rough, although I like the worn white and green paint and would personally be ok with it, older vans sometimes look better beat up than too clean and polished. This could look really cool in the right setting. Glass is an often neglected concern and this one is missing a few but the seller says they have replacements.

This is obviously going to cost money to fix, but could be reasonable done if you're doing the fixing.

Available here on ebay.

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