Project 1962 Karmann Ghia Convertible

With that famous other rear engine four banger from Germany reaching the stratosphere in prices a nice alternative is the very similar Karmann Ghia convertible.

Almost half a million Karmann Ghia were built from 1955-1974, but only about 80,000 were convertibles, and probably a fraction of that survive today.

Mechanically, they were really no different from the Beetle, both being 4-cylinder rear engines. But the Karmann Ghia was smaller, lower and sleeker. They "look" sportier, even if they really aren't. But sometimes looks are enough. It also helped the convertibles looked good with the top down and up, too.

This one is a "barn find", that over-used cliche in the classic car world. But there it is, sitting in a "barn", er garage, and appropriately well worn and needing work.

The seller doesn't say much except that the floor pans are good, the cloth top and seats are fair and that it's a "driver" (I thought barn finds weren't supposed to be drivers). The fact that it's driving is good news though. The engine looks ok enough in the photos. Rust is another issue however. There is obvious surface rusting all over the underside. The main concern is anything that has developed a hole, which the seller seems to imply hasn't happened yet by saying no "rot". That said, if you expect to use this regularly or want to keep it for a while, the body and undercarriage will need tending to. There also seems to be some front end damage.

It wears some strange mayor plates in the photos.

Available here on craiglist for $6,500.

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