Project 1986 Ferrari Testarossa Spyder

We're at the point where project cars from the 80s are starting to crop up in the market, although they are still few and far between. Most cars from that era are either ready to be junked or in collector condition. It's rare to find something in between, and even more rare to find a Ferrari in that status, but this Testarossa is precisely that.

The Testarossa really needs no introduction. It was the company's flagship during its production from 1984-1991, and it arguably saved and revitalized the brand, providing much needed competition against the Lamborghini Countach, along with a heavy dose of flash and glamour. The flat 12-cylinder engine was exciting, smooth, quick and great sounding. The styling was iconic and still fascinates today.

Most Testarossas on the market are either super-low mileage showroom cream puffs or accident losses. There's really no in between, as Ferrari owners, typically wealthy folk, notoriously never drive their cars, either out of lack of time or fear of damaging something.

So it's really peculiar to find one floating in purgatory, "80%" finished as the seller says and waiting for the next owner to complete it. There is no backstory on how it got this way, but the seller says the roof was cropped and the chassis was reinforced to make up for the loss of structural integrity. They are careful to note it is apparently NOT one of the better known Straman conversions but a homemade job. It doesn't look bad.

Fortunately, the original engine was totally rebuilt, with a new clutch, brake booster and master cylinder.

Cosmetically, the paint is stripped down but looks to have originally been red. The side intake strakes have also been removed, along with the front grille and lights. There are no photos of the rear. The seller also says the interior is included but needs to be redone as well.

This is a pretty unique opportunity to finish the project in your exact tastes. Personally, I would paint it black, do a black interior, black soft top, delete the U.S-spec side markers by filling and sanding, keep the original rare single lug wheels and maybe even keep the side strakes out for a clean look.

This project won't make sense unless you're talented and patient enough to do it. Hiring someone else to finish it takes the soul and accomplishment out of the equation and will be extremely expensive.

Available here for $28k which includes the seller's email and phone number.

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