1995 Mazda MX-6

Mazda has had it tough over the years trying to stand out from Honda and Toyota. Fortunately, they tried really hard in the 90s, with a bunch of cars that were interestingly styled and offered decent driving experiences.

The MX-6 name was used for just a decade on two different generations. This is the much more streamlined 2nd generation.

The design is classic 90s rising sun: smooth, simple planes, rounded corners, blobular lights, organic shapes everywhere. It's shockingly stood the test of time, especially when compared to today's cars, which are both organic and over styled (although Mazda is currently finding a good design language). I also have a hunch it's got a pretty low drag coefficient.

The same goes with the interior. Sure, it's awash in tan and black plastics, but it's pretty sporty and no-nonsense at the same time.

Perhaps the best part of this car is that it's about the size of a Civic from the same era but comes packed with much more power in the form of a V6. Coupled with the stick shift, this is a fun little package. It also seems to be pretty well-equipped with fog lamps, alloy whees and a rear spoiler. All nice touches, and thankfully spared from aftermarket modifying.

This would make a perfect everyday commuter for a young or single person as long as it can be had for under $5k.

Available here on ebay.

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  1. Sold already. $3500 for a lower mileage (90K) example is pretty good in the current market, I think.

    Personally, I liked this 2nd gen MX-6 coupe quite a lot. Good looking, and as equipped with the V6/5-speed, it was a very nice car. Certainly a lot more appealing than either the 626 it replaced, or the more boxy 1st gen model.

    Unfortunately, it had several things working against it at the time. Mazda wasn't known for particularly nice interiors (very plasticy, as noted), the styling was considered a bit too conservative for a sporty coupe, Mazda didn't have the reliability reputation of Honda and Toyota, etc.

    But the biggest challenge for this 2nd gen MX-6 was the 2nd gen Ford Probe. These two cars were built on the same line in a jointly owned (Ford-Mazda) plant, and was mechanically identical under the skin (the equivalent V6/5-speed configuration was the Probe GT). The Probe was more aggressively styled both inside and out, and many people found it more appealing. If I recall correctly, it may have also been a bit cheaper. Of course, the real advantage - Probe also had Ford's massively powerful sales and marketing behind it, resulting in far more Probes on the streets.