67k-Mile 1993 Honda Del Sol SI

The Del Sol was almost a stroke of genius by Honda in their glory days of the early 90s. Hot off the heels of breaking through the US market in the 80s, their strategy for the next decade was to expand the lineup and take on Toyota. For a while, it seemed possible.

In 1992 they debuted the Del Sol, just in time for a Gen-Xer's job promotion or a Baby Boomer's midlife crisis. The styling is pretty clever in that it recalls the mid-engine cars of the 70s or early 80s like the Fiat X1/9, but was in fact just another front-wheel four banger. What made it different than their other cars of the time was a removable targa top. This filled in a gap of customers pining for a Civic-like driving experience but with open-air fun.

Honda wrapped that concept in what turned out to be a body that has aged surprisingly well, even in the exotic colors they offered. The whole thing is classic 90s rising sun, all smooth yet taut planes, bubbly shaped lights and hidden-lug alloys. I particularly like the rear taillights, reminiscent of the BMW Z1.

Inside is equally successful with spartan plastic that is simple, clear and functional. For a touch of excitement, they seem to have color-matched the seats and floor with the exterior.

Purists will scoff at this one's automatic transmission, but to make up for it is the SI trim, which included a 1.6-liter SOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder VTEC engine, power side mirrors, cruise control, rear disc brakes, anti-sway bars and wider tires. Frankly, if you're going to track down a Del Sol, you really might as well only get the SI.

Mechanically, the seller says its been serviced by Honda and runs well. Cosmetically they say it has normal dings and dents but thankfully no rust.

Targa tops were never really in fashion and are rarely offered on any cars anymore, although that could change with Porsche's hi-tech new reworking of the whole thing. Regardless, this can easily be a fun daily driver. Honda stopped making the Del Sol in 1998 and haven't made anything like it since.

Available here on ebay for $7,995 and the Make Offer option.

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