12k-Mile 1995 Mazda Miata M Edition

The Miata isn't just a new classic. It was that near-impossible to achieve category in commercial industry: an instant classic.

That said, it became an instant classic by basically borrowing everything from the 1960s Lotus Elan. But the Miata did everything the Elan did better and far more efficiency, while looking damn good, too.

It debuted in 1990 as just in time for Baby Boomer midlife crises. Mazda brilliantly found a gap in the market where the only other remotely similar vehicle was the aging, fussy and pricey Alfa Romeo Spider. The result was a huge success, with over 400,000 selling by 1997.

The formula was simple. A conventional but lightweight body, straight 4-cylinder engine and power directed to the rear-wheels.

The styling was ingenious. Sure, it took a ton of inspiration from older cars. But to pull it off required a subtle eye and a simple touch that today's auto designers seemingly lack.

This was from an era when Japanese cars were hitting their peak, so when they crossed into niche markets, the results were staggering. This intersection is especially apparent in the interior. A uninformed opinion might mistake it for being bland. But the whole point of the classic two-seater convertible was a bare bones interior that didn't distract from the most important view: the horizon outside. As such, the Miata's dash is awash in dark, high quality plastics and simple, easy to read and use gauges and buttons. Note the spherical a/c vents, a cool sporty touch.

Of course there were people who wanted more power. But they could get the more expensive and complex Z3. The straight 4, despite originally having just 115 horsepower, worked great with the balanced chassis and low weight, as well as providing excellent fuel economy. Something new was born: a fun commuter car.

This is the second run of M Edition cars, unique to model year 1995 and featuring Merlot Mica paint and 15-inch BBS wheels. This seller of this one says it has an astounding 12,785 miles. They say their mother bought it, then was transferred to his sister and now him since last year. He's done taken care of some obvious needs for a car that has been sitting so long, and it seems mostly ready to go again.

Available here on ebay.

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