1962 Auto Union 1000S

The oldest second hand Audi cars you usually see are from the 90s. This one, however, goes way back to the beginning.

Auto Union was formed before WWII. In the 1930s it acquired Audi-Werke AG. In the later post-war years, Auto Union made mainstream cars similar to Volkswagen. They were  ahead of the curve, utilizing the front-engine, front-wheel drive layout that Volkswagen would switch over to in the 70s and is all but ubiquitous today.

It made sense then that Auto Union later merged with NSU, who were also pioneering front-wheel drive, in 1969. Audi was re-launched as a separate brand and the name returned to use.

The compact 1000 debuted in 1958 and was available in either two or four doors, sedan or wagon. The styling is mighty charming, with chrome accents, covered rear wheels and contrasting white roof.

Underneath the hood was a tiny two-stroke three-cylinder engine able to deliver just 50 horsepower. A column-mounted 4-speed manual shifter controlled power.

The seller says they acquired this from someone who acquired it from the original owner in the 90s, and although it was running before it was stored, it does not turn over anymore. They speculate it could have been sitting for as long as 30 years.

They say there is no serious rust besides what is visible on the exterior surface, and the chrome and glass are in generally good shape. I assume the original color was the splendid mustard yellow seen in the interior. While the exterior should absolutely be brought back to condition, it'd be cool to leave as much of the interior alone as possible.

Someone with the right knowledge should try to get it running and minimally restore it cosmetically. I'm sure parts are hard to find, but with a little over 6,000 made and presumably much less still around, let alone even fewer in the US, this one deserves special attention.

Available here on ebay.

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  1. Nice car! A 1958 or 1959 green gold Auto Union 1000.