1969 Lancia Fulvia Berlina GTE

The Fulvia nameplate was used by Lancia for a sedan and two different coupes from the 60s until the late 70s. I'm not into the coupes. But the sedans set my fire. It's just like an Alfa sedan, except slightly more obscure. You can instantly picture them hustling a bunch of polizia to bust a Red Brigade meeting.

The styling is fantastic. It's got all the right 60s Euro sedan touches: high waistline, huge greenhouse, three-box shape, tiny taillights and tasteful slivers of chrome.

Inside is equally delightful, with a black scheme contrasting nicely with the refrigerator white exterior and looking surprisingly clean and tidy.

The Berlina GTE came along in '68 with an upgraded V4 engine, new brakes and a brake servo. Power and handling will be adequate by today's standard but feel sprightly with the stick shift, low eight and small dimensions.

The seller says this one came over in '05 and are offering another as well, but the paperwork is different. They do say its sorted and just needs a driver. They also think it's one of just a handful in the US. I've certainly never seen one for sale before.

Available here on ebay for $18,500 or the Make Offer option.

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