1972 GAZ 69A Custom Pickup

The GAZ is basically to Russia what the Jeep is the US: the standard-issue two-door off-road utilitarian machine. Gaz produced the 69A from 1954 to 1972. It was popular in the Eastern Bloc, making it a relic from the Cold War, too.

The nice thing about a lot of European cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s is that they are surprisingly compact and make the most of very little sheet metal. This one has a nice look going with aftermarket fog lamps, plain Jane wheels, and a custom pickup confirmation, complete with a soft top roof and side-mounted spare.

The seller says it has a 4-cylinder Volga engine good for 70 horsepower directed to all four wheels and a manual transmission. They say it was imported to the US from the nation of Georgia in 2011, but it currently registered as a Collector Vehicle in Washington State, so that may have restrictions, although it does seem to wear valid tags.

Available here on ebay for $9,500 or the Make Offer option.

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