1973 Fiat 130 Coupe

The 130 looks like a combination of a Maserati Kyalami, Peugeot 604, Ferrari 400 and Bitter SC but that's a all a compliment. The thing about this design is that it's all good for the customer. You can actually see out of the car, and enjoy the view while driving.

Like a lot of Italian cars, the interior is a nice place to bee, with a black dashboard contesting with a healthy helping of wood and beautiful tan leather seats. I bet it smells damn good too, even if it's 41 years old. Steering wheel is retro-future-cool, too.

Underneath the hood is an OHC V6 good for about 160 horsepower to the rear wheels. This one mercifully also has a stick. Unfortunately, against a 3,400 lb. curb weight, it had a lot of work to do, and won't be terribly fast or remotely fuel efficient. It may make a nice tenor, though.

The seller says the car was imported under the 25-year-and-older rule and so does not have to comply with the DOT. As such, it comes in complete Euro trim, with lovely headlights, small bumpers and unconstrained engine. Mechanically they say it runs and drives well. Cosmetically they say it does have some bubbling but the undercarriage is rust free.

With slightly over 4,000 made, this is a rare car in general and even more obscure in the US. I think it has a lot of appeal though, as either a garage queen, weekender, show car or possibly daily driver, if you've got deep enough pockets, however.

Available here on ebay.

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