1975 BMW 2002 Automatic

This is just about the worst version of the 2002 you can buy. It's a base model, base engine US-spec with the huge bumpers and automatic transmission to sap the already small engine.

That said, it could also make for a great jumping point into a nice 2002 build. I'm usually all for originality, but when originality means US DOT mandated bumpers, needless side markers and engine-strangling emissions equipment, modifying is a very attractive alternative.

The thing about the 2002 is that you know it can do so much better. Introduced in 1968 as part of the Neu Klasse cars that revolutionized the company and brought it widespread acclaim from the press and sales from consumers. Intended as a smaller, less expensive alternative to the sedans, the 2002 made good impressions with its relatively light weight, good handling and affordable price. In 1973 a Turbo version was launched, the first production turbocharged car in Europe.

It helped the styling was so good that it is now a certifiable classic. It wears the high-wasited bathtub shape that was popular on cars in the 50s, 60s and 70s after designers saw the first generation Corvair. and later NSU 110. The Europeans further tweaked and refined this charming, unpretentious shape.

The interior is also classic early BMW, with an all-black dash, clear, simple gauges and an oversized steering wheel. The seller says the interior is good and it looks mostly disaster free in the photos.

Underneath the hood is a small inline 4-cylinder that makes around 85 horsepower. The seller says its "great running". This can easily be given more life with some simple, common sense upgrades. A manual transmission swap is a must, and the seller even says the sale of this car comes with a spare parts donor car.

The exterior color and interior are fine for the meantime on this, but it's begging for a stick shift, weber carbs and euro bumpers.

Available here on craigslist for $5,800.


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