1976 Jaguar XJ6C

The XJ6C was a coupe version of Jaguar's longstanding XJ platform. I was thinking about Jaguar the other day. They're obviously a legendary automaker and revered in their home country but haven't really had a hit on this side of the Atlantic in a long time. I'd factor in a lot of reasons: quality, marketing, pricing, economics, competition and the general mood of the times.

That said, it's vital to recognize they practically created the mold of the luxurious but quick footed 6-cylinder sedan with the XJ6, just around the time Mercedes got in on it and before BMW did.

This is from the Series II XJ from 1973-1979. With over 91,000 examples built, it was a mild success. Between 1975 and 1978, there was a limited run of 9,378 two-door pillar-less coupes, based on the short wheelbase XJ. It came with either 6 or eight cylinders.

On the surface, it seemed great, and it certainly looked great. The XJ is obviously an already handsome car and the coupe is arguably even more graceful, US bumpers aside.

Unfortunately, its very Britishness got the best of it. The doors were literally just extended pieces from the sedans, with weld lines visible on the inner side. The roof was covered in a homely vinyl, which trapped water and eventually rusted. The paint flexed and cracked because of the pillar less body. The price was also higher than the sedan.

Today, the XJ6C still around usually have these problems rectified or are complete basket cases. This one falls in the middle somewhere. The seller says it has a 350 engine conversion that is in good condition but needs some work. At least it looks elegant in white with white wall tires.

Available here on craigslist for $5,500 or best offer.

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