1980 Peugeot 504 Diesel Wagon

Peugeot has a puzzling legacy in the US. Ask anyone old enough to remember and they'll either scorn or swear by them. Not surprisingly, Peugeot stopped selling here a long time ago. But cars like the 504 were part of the reason why the people who liked Peugeot do so with a great admiration.

The 504 was sort of like a Volkswagen beetle for Peugeot, selling more than 3 million units during its very long production run from 1968-1983.

The formula for its success was simple on the surface: quality construction, efficient and robust engines, inoffensive but pleasing design and that legendary French suspension. It would go on to win the European Car of the Year Award for 1969.

Perhaps the epitome of the 504's rugged-but-refined character is this '80 Diesel Wagon. I often find wagon versions of Euro sedans to be the the ultimate in utilitarianism. If you can have more space but essentially the same driving characteristics as the sedan, why not?

The remarkable survivor has a claimed 42,664 miles on the clock. The seller is a dealer and says it even came with the original tires. Wow. It certainly looks unusually clean inside and out. Check out this awesome lined rear trunk.

Underneath the hood is a 4-cylinder diesel engine. It will be slow, perhaps uncomfortably slow, especially with onramps and highway travel. But it will provide reliability and great fuel economy.

This is a great alternative to that other European diesel wagon we got here during same era, the Mercedes W123. Those are commanding steep prices. Some also have the benefit of a turbo, but it's almost impossible to find them in this condition and low miles.

Available here ebay.

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