1986 Citroen CX Prestige

Viva la Citroen! This company consistently pumped out one iconic vehicle after another in the 20th century, and in the process pioneered monocoque bodies, hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension, disc brakes and swiveling headlights. They haven't quite done the same in this century so far, but, they have a while to go so I'll cut them some slack.

The CX was a classic Citroen in every manner. As their executive flagship, it wore the sleekest, largest body and came with a bunch of wild technology.

The thing I love about Citroen style is how fearless it is. The French, with their rich culture and history, appreciated the passage of time and therefore the philosophical and industrial madness of the modern era, and designed vehicles as the absurdity that they were - horseless carriages! They could have care less about the three-box sedan shape and instead embraced the more versatile and streamlined hatchback. The CX debuted in the late 70s and last until the 90s. The early models have a classic charm, but the later ones like this with fuller bumpers give off delirious mad-techno vibes.

Inside looks like something from a retro vision of a spaceship, with a single-spoke steering wheel and all vital controls within reach of the driver's hands from the wheel. The oversized button-tufted leather seats provide an old-world touch for a charming contrast.

The 'Prestige' trim added 10 extra inches to the wheelbase for more legroom. As such, the rear seating is ridiculously spacious.

The CX only came with a range of 4-cylinder engines. It is unclear which is in this car.  It does have an automatic, which is a bummer. Emissions controls to get it in the US may also hamper performance.

None were legally sold here, but many found their way through grey market importers, such as this one. Unfortunately the seller hasn't included any info pertinent to the vehicle itself beyond photos, price and location, so they would have to be contacted further.

Available here on craigslist for $8,500.

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